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Workplace Wellbeing Support

A bespoke programme for improving employee mental health

Well4Work is Redcar & Cleveland Mind’s own workplace mental health training support programme, available to organisations across the region. We offer bespoke mental health awareness training to staff across a wide variety of sectors.
Well4Work is bespoke. We offer tailor made packages that are flexible to fit around current workloads, making the training accessible to all employees.  We can deliver a range of bespoke sessions from two hour general awareness or taster sessions, through to half day and full day courses, where your organisation has an input into the content delivered.  It is delivered on site at your own premises, therefore cutting out the need for additional travel and/or overnight accommodation for delegates. 

Well4Work training can also include, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), A Life Worth Living, Suicide Prevention training and Mindfulness. 

Our current customers include housing associations, chemical companies, Local Authorities, the emergency services, a care company, and a local school/academy. Our client base is growing all the time.

Evaluations of workplace interventions show a return to business of between £1.50 and £9 for every £1 invested

(1) Analysis by Deloitte

Training that makes a difference

These are some of the things our clients have said:

“Openly discussed a topic that is often deemed taboo”

"A very motivating and effective delivery given by the trainer”

“Pitched at the right level”

“Felt more like team building than training due to shared learning experience with colleagues”

One of our clients is building our Well4Work training into their mandatory staff training and will refresh the skills of the whole workforce every three years.  They see how vitally important it is to be emotionally resilient as well as physically well. The client recognises that people can become seriously unwell not only through an accident at work, but also mentally due to struggling to cope with day to day life and additional pressures at work.
If you would like to meet with us and discuss your organisation’s particular mental health training needs, please contact our Training Coordinator via this email address info@well4work.org.uk

Further Reading: Stevenson-Farmer independent review into workplace mental health published October 2017

The independent review into workplace mental health, commissioned by the Prime Minister in January and led by Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer, has today published its report, Thriving at Work. The review looks at how employers can better support all employees including those with poor mental health or wellbeing remain in and thrive at work.
Statistics from the Department of Work and Pensions reveal that 300,000 people with a long term mental health problem lose their jobs each year. Analysis by Deloitte, commissioned by the reviewers, also reveals a demonstrable cost to employers, and quantifies for the first time how investing in supporting mental health at work is good for business and productivity.
Poor mental health costs the UK economy between £74 billion and £99 billion a year. Deloitte’s analysis shows that the cost to employers is between £33 billion and £42 billion of this number.  Evaluations of workplace interventions show a return to business of between £1.50 and £9 for every £1 invested. (1)
Drawing on the accounts of over 200 employers of people with mental health problems and leading experts in mental health and work, Thriving at Work sets out core principles and standards that all employers should commit to. It highlights examples of some employers who are taking positive and innovative steps to support the mental health of their employees.

The reviewers are calling on all employers, regardless of size or industry, to adopt six ‘mental health core standards’ that lay the basic foundations for an approach to workplace mental health. These cover mental health at work plans, mental health awareness for employees, line management responsibilities and routine monitoring of staff mental health and wellbeing. Large employers and the public sector are expected to go even further, demonstrating best practice through external reporting and designated leadership responsibility.

The full report can be viewed on the Gov.uk website.

Customer Reviews

The review took account of Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index. The Index is a benchmark of best policy and practice around mental health. It celebrates the good work employers are doing to promote and support positive mental health, and provides key recommendations on the specific areas where there is room to improve. Participating organisations undertake staff and employer surveys to help assess where the gaps lie between the organisation’s approach to workplace wellbeing and staff perceptions.

30 organisations took part in the first Index, with 15,000 of their employees completing the staff survey. Mind has today published its first report into the findings of the survey.